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  • well, depends if youre into some elderly lady making pass at you while lifting up her mini skirt and calling out to you in a 5-years-old voice wanting you to touch her, hanging her dirty used bras on the commom bathroom's door, and everytime you open it, it slams at your face, or drying her undies on the heater in front of the toilet seat instead of her own room, so if you need to use the toilet, theyre in your face and under your nose, whether you want it or not, and whenever she takes control of the TV, all you hear is 'ah, look at that boy, how cute, oh, now, and that boy...(they arent boys, theyre full grown men)', with saliva dripping off her wrinkly mouth starring with lust in her eyes, men the age of her own children, and if it wasnt enough, what about her jumping on your bed and ask you 'can i play?', and talking to you while shes just out of the shower and still in towel demanding that you looks at her while she talks, and when you politely ask her to get dress, she went and came back dressed in a black fish net? stretching her arms out at you and trying to get her hand bewteen your legs!? blowing smoke at your face while continuating to talk to you in that ear-pitching 5-years-old voice which you can tell she made an effort to squeal it against her original tottered cigarette voice, i dont know if another elderly might like it, but this behaviour coming from someone the age of your mom, ew....., you know? i doubt 'gross' would suffict for its horror factor, after seeing this lady, stephen king and freakinstein are merely 'a joke'! ARRRAGHHH!!! RUN!!!

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