• I'm pretty convinced the "good" and "diet pill" are oxymorons;)
  • A quick fix is not healthy - Do it the slow way and your lifestyle
  • Please concider - when you do a crash diet, loosing pounds fast, you gain those back even faster when you stop that diet, with or without pills, it doesn't matter. The better way is to eat meals which contain mostly protein, and let the rest be veggies or some fruit. When you do that and walk a lot, it takes a little longer but it works and you stay thinner.
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  • There's an age old saying that goes "if a diet pill works, it kills you. If it doesn't kill you, it doesn't work". I think it's by Aristotle.
  • Not sure about the whole diet pills thing but I hear good things about Orovo. It's based off of 10 super foods. It's supposed to not only shed pounds but clear your skin up as well. The superfoods were originally picked out to reduce wrinkles but an unexpected result occured that made people lose weight. So a woman put all the nutrition of the foods in to a pill and marketed it. Now it's supposedly one of the best diet pills you can buy. Drawback? It retails for $80.00 a bottle. But I heard you can join their website or something and get it $40.00 a bottle or something like that. Here: And here's an article talking about the top 10 diet pills. It talks about them in pretty good detail:
  • Hi Sara! Try walking or jogging. You can do it!!!
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  • You need it because you're so damned fat. LOL Is this for a wedding? Christmas party? Try a colon cleansing. Odds are you're carrying at least 5 to 10 extra pounds in your colon. If you want something that works very well, try Manna Cleanse from Mannatech. Don't plan anything for the weekend. You'll not want to go out if you know what I mean. Any colon cleanser will do, but I use the one above with very good success.
  • The BEST Diet Pill is; cut out the fast food. Stop the Ice Cream. Go on Brisk walks at a Fast Speed and Monitor your Pulse Rate. Eat your veggies Don't drink much coffee, it actually can hinder the weight loss. Take up Dance! ***You might be surprised at how much you can loose just with these things...
  • A laxative? No I'm kidding dont do that. Eat better, have sex more(ryan paid me to say that), exercise with weights(muscle increases metabolism) and cardio(real cardio sweat that big juicy ass off lol)
  • I've got a pill for you, it's in my pants. It's actually not a pill at all. Whaaaa? Inappropriate... I know... >8P
  • Metabolife or Dexatrim Natural both have stuff that can help boost your metabolism, but exercise and eating less are still gonna be most helpful. A couple of exercises which can kick your metabolism off but which take very little time are these: Plank - Lie on the floor with toes pointed and your forearms on the floor, and try to keep your body rigid for as long as possible; do 2-3 sets of these. Dumbbell pushups - Take a pair of dumbbells, position yourself like you're doing pushups, one hand on each dummbell. One hand at a time, while keeping your body rigid and back straight, pull a dumbbell up and back towards your butt, then down. Do 2-3 sets of maybe 5-15 reps. If you can stand it, you could take a super cold shower (a personal trainer told me that some Japanese olympic team got their metabolism raging by basically dunking themselves in ice water, burned a huge amount of calories in a very short time). If you have a heart condition or something though I wouldn't advise this since the shock could cause a heart attack. Good luck, stay safe.
  • My secret weapon when I used to be in the modeling industry is liquid Vitamin B complex - it speeds up your metabolism while giving you more energy. The best thing about it is that there is a better chance that you will not immediately regain the weight, as you are using vitamins to lose weight! :) Btw GNS has liquid vitamin B complex for around 12 bucks, and it will last you about 2 weeks. One dropper full in the AM does the body good!
  • You must realise that you are georgeous and just take care of yourself!!!!
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  • Diet pills DO NOT WORK, EXERCISE!!!
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  • Well, anything with ephedra in it. One way to lose weight super quick is by going on the Atkins Diet.
  • I've heard of a pill derived from a cactus called hoodia see These hoodia gordoni tablets are appetite surpresants and although these have not yet been approved for medicinal use, you can buy some versions online. But, as always, do your research first before you buy.
  • Alli, works majic, after you poop yourself, you are afraid to eat.
  • For quick weight losing, I recommend to use Phentramin-d diet pill. B'coz, I've lost my 12lbs in 25 days with no side effects. I would recommend this supplement to anyone that wants to lose weight in a healthy manner. If anyone needs more info about this supplement, then check this website --->
  • In my opinion you must use Phentramin-d diet pill. After taking Phentramin-d Diet Pills, I have lost 16 pounds in 2 months. I feel great!!! It really helps me with no side effects. For Phentramin-d related more info, checkout this site --> Good Luck!
  • For me, there are no pill good for your health. There is 3 week diet program that works (only if you follow it properly). I want to say it is the easy way but if you want results then this is it. If you wanna try it then here is the link:
  • No such pill use diet and exercise keep your fat from calories around 30 and exercise and the weight will come off. No snacking. Exercise is the key! I lost 40 pounds this way. Sorry no pill Nov, 16
  • I also faced the same problem and tried many quick fixes but none of these were successful. If you want real and lasting results, you will have to do some hard work. For me, losing weight was an interesting life project. I've found a three-week diet program that works, if you follow it properly. I will not say that it is easy, but if you want lasting results, then this is it. If you would like to try it, here is the link:
  • You need to read some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right. Calories have nothing to do with it. You should be eating about 0.4 gram of complete protein per pound of body weight every day, counting only 6 grams per egg, 12 grams per glass of milk, and 24 grams per quarter pound of meat. Eat veggies with every meal, or whole grain bread every day, to keep your bowel movements regular. Fat is made of carbon and hydrogen. The only way it comes out of the body is if it is turned into carbon dioxide and water and then it comes out through the lungs. So that involves a lot of heavy breathing, and that means jogging or aerobic dancing. Figure on losing one pound per week when you are doing things right. The only fast method known is in the bible, Daniel chapter 1: Noticeable results in ten days.
  • Pour meth into a capsule

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