• In the current US firearm buying climate, it's average. This time last year, an Oly Arms carbine went for about $400 or so. There are those who love Olys and those who hate them. Take it out for a spin and see how it shoots. If you are happy with the results, it's as good as any Bushie or Colt.
  • They're equally as good as a Bushmaster. Not quite the craftmanship of Colt. A few rough edges and jamming issues, but if you take care of it, a perfectly servicable and cheap autoloader. $700 is a bit high, but not ridiculous. Go to gun shows for cheap parts and embellishments.
  • I'd think it a good deal in the current climate. The last time I saw any ar 15 for sale in a store was a Rock River M4 Carbine about one week ago, the price was $850. Olympic Arms are as good as any, as long as it has a chrome lined barrel that is, check for that OK? If it's not then it might not keep accuracy for twenty years of regular shooting. I recommend a Timney 3 lb trigger and a DNTC muzzle brake, that will knock out that little bump off target each time you go bang.

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