• Somebody's hungry and on a budget?
  • Maybe its an ethnic thing for African americans? I love their food. Hey to each their own. What ever you eat enjoy it.
  • In many parts of the South, it's a tradition to eat collardgreens and blackeyed peas on New Years Day because supposedly for each green you eat, you will get a dollar during the new year, and for each blackeyed pea you eat, you'll get a penny. You can tell this is an OLD tradition because it's ONLY a dollar or a penny! Heh! I LOVE the traditional Southern New Years Day meal: a mess of collards with a bit of fatback cooked in, country ham with redeye gravy, cornbread with country honeybutter, Southern fried chicken, grits with country butter, blackeyed peas, pinto beans with fresh chopped onions on the side, and gallons of both sweet tea and ice cold buttermilk! OMG! : )))

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