• If you mean "constant" as in round the clock nose bleeds, I'd get it checked out. Although winter time is a common time of year for nose bleeds with the dry air in most homes. My kids and I get them on occasion during this time of year.
  • if you're at a high altitude and cold weather, that will do it... otherwise get it checked out
  • you either pick your nose way too much/hard. OR you're nervous/anxious/uncomfortable.
  • cause its you lol
  • low humidity, dry hot air. is there a fire nearby? the heat can dry out your nose. some people inhale water up their nose. or stick a moist finger up yer nose. we are allowed to stick a finger in any portal that will accept a finger.
  • If you have ever seen the British TV show The League Of Gentlemen, you might have been eating the special meat.
  • Honestly if this is a real question , i would see a doctor about it, sometimes this can be caused from high blood pressure, but not always. It still would be a good thing to go to a doctor and let him check you out.
  • 5-29-2017 There are several possible physical causes, but they all require a deficiency of vitamin C to actually cause bleeding. Deficiencies are quite common in USA. You should study some books about nutrition to learn how to eat right.
  • the only other reason I can think of other than the reasons already listed would be snorting coke.

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