• From what I understand it is not allowed to go to a Mormon temple if you are not a Mormon.
    • Jewels Vern
      The temple is not used for services. It is a special purpose building. Services are only conducted in ward houses (what you would call a church building).
  • When I went I was asked to wear at least a knee length skirt and basically just dress very respectfully.
  • I suggest you to go somewhere else if you want to save your soul. My 2 cents.
  • Watch the others? ;-)
  • I had a few Mormon missionaries knock at my door and I spoke with them for a while. At the end of the convo they invited me to a service that Sunday but gave me no instructions. I did notice that every other girl/woman had on skirts. I had on a nice pair of slacks and a nice top.
  • Generally woman are expected to wear knee length skirts or dresses and no tank tops or sleeveless shirts. Meeting Houses are different from temples.
  • Hubby says (and he is Mormon) same as any other church. Come on in, have a seat, prepare for possible attempted conversion.
  • No special protocol, just show up. You should be aware that Mormons still believe in "Sunday Best" so most women will be in dresses or skirts, most men will be wearing a tie, etc. Nobody's going to kick you out if you show up in blue jeans, but you will probably feel more comfortable if you aren't dressed significantly different than the masses. I point this out simply because blue jeans *are* standard attire in many congregations these days and it's not an issue that's going to be on everyone's mind. When you arrive will you be with friends? Make sure they introduce you to people. If you are alone you will probably be greeted by missionaries and other leaders before the service begins. In the service itself, it will begin with a hymn, prayer and announcements. If someone has been recently baptized there may be a confirmation, if a child has recently been born the infant may be blessed, if members of the congregation have been given new assignments they will be announced and voted on, etc. After the congregational business will be communion or what is called "the sacrament." A hymn is sung while the priests prepare the bread and water representing Christ's body and blood for distribution to the congregation. You will probably be offered the emblems, but as a non member will not be expected to partake. After the sacrament ends there will be talks or sermons and possibly an additional hymn, musical number by soloists or choir, etc. The service concludes with a final hymn and prayer. Note that the local congregations are run by a lay ministry - the bishopric, teachers and other leaders are volunteers on assignment. Speakers and prayer givers are people like you and me from the congregation assigned to that week. Before or after the service itself, referred to as "Sacrament Meeting," there may be other meetings such as Sunday School, primary classes for children, etc. If you're accompanying friends ask whether they intend just Sacrament Meeting, or the whole morning. :)
  • As others have already said, there’s really no special protocol. Most people will be dressed nicely, so you’ll probably feel more comfortable if you do the same, but it’s not like we’ll kick you out if you do otherwise. In short, be reverent in the chapel, feel free to ask questions in the classrooms, and don’t be scared of friendly strangers’ introductions and proffered handshakes. (Trust me, it’ll almost certainly happen.) As long as you’re not heckling the speakers or drawing mustachios on the paintings, you’ll probably do fine. ;-)

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