• I can't give a complete answer, but "uhuru" means "freedom" in the Kenyan language. I'm not sure but I think it's often used to mean "the struggle continues" or "not yet finished." Someone who knows more than I do, please follow up.
  • "Not Yet Uhuru" was the title of a book written in the late 1960's by Kenyan socialist politician Oginga Odinga. it is a documentation of Kenyan pre- and post-independence political history. "Uhuru" means "freedom". In 1958 Odinga fiercely campaigned for the release from detention of Kenyan nationalist leader Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, impressing on the British colonial Government that Kenya could not even envisage independence without him. Odinga reportedly turned down an offer to form a government without Kenyatta, declaring "No Kenyatta, no Uhuru".
  • "Not yet Uhuru" means the indipendence fought for by the kenyan people had not been achieved. It comes from a title of a book written by the first vice-president of Kenya, The late Oginga Odinga, who observed that despite the country's decleared independence, the government led by blacks were as opressive as the colonoal government. More to this was that the people's economic conditons begun to deteroriate instead of improve by the dawn of the country's freedom. To him and to many who agreed with him, freedom was not a matter of a few black men rulling over the rest of the citizens but was to be claimed when everyone living within the borders of kenya could enjoy equal rights and privillages. As you would expect, he was imprisoned by his colleagues in the government he helped found and led simply because he refused to turn his back to the masses.
  • uhuru means 'freedom' codenames for 'night of the long knifes. That is to cleanse africa of all white people friend and foe. The reason for this is quite simple, to create a united states of Africa under Black control and domination. No problem with that except they want to do it through revenge for the blood spilled during history. They blame their poor state on the white man that thought him to stand up for himself. Now they want to drive all whitemen into the seas cause they died like flies and want us to pay for it.
  • It comes from from Star Trek unseen where Shatner is wacking-off over her chest and she asks him 'Are you nearly finished Captain?"
  • it seems that man learns nothing from the history he so loves to study. violence never brings freedom, the oppression just changes hands. to me the phrase just means that people will never find what they are looking for as long as they think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.
  • I thought it was what Spock said in one of the cut scenes of "Star Trek" but what do I know?

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