• toys for tots
  • Unicef is one.
  • There are some. Unfortunately there are many "sham" charities out there too. Boiler rooms set up with phone banks to make calls for donations for a legitimate charity. If they donate just 1% of what they collect they can legally claim they raise money for that charity. Do your research. Investigate anyone that calls seeking money for charitable organizations. I like these. Amnesty International. Doctors Without Borders .
  • I dunno fer sure, but have consistently donated to four over the years: the ACLU, the NRA, Project: Hope (for local AIDS patients) and a local food for the homeless program. A difference? = I dunno.
  • My favorite is Doctors Without Borders, as "trouble" already mentioned.
  • ASPCA, (I have a friend whose daughter is dieing of cancer and this resource is wonderful for keeping up with her progress and us sending her our thoughts), of course there were several mentioned earlier in one of your questions. I agree to check them out VERY carefully. I know of one on TV that says that the money goes to starving children when it fact the kids get less than 10% of what comes in..the rest goes for admin. cost, salaries, etc. I always donate to local organizations: food banks, animal shelters, domestic violence shelters. There is a BIG need here that most people aren't even aware of and I wasn't until I stayed there last year.. The amount of food and supplies they go thru is unbelievable and some of those kids will have very little clothes or toys for Christmas. GL
  • The two I would like to mention are: 1. Ramakrishna Mission. 2. Vivekananda Kenra. There are many more, I know. But I am associated with these two.
  • For me it's City Union Mission. (local) It helps feed and clothe people I see, on a daily basis. I'm sure your town has something like that too.
  • The Christian Children's Fund The American Red Cross The Army Emergency Relief Fund ( US )
  • Catholic Charities The Humanitarian Fund of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Any charity. As long as it reaches the designated person, it can make a huge difference in just one persons life. Even one person is plenty enough.
  • I don't know if you would count this as a charity, but my youth group and I been doing this mission trip every summer, where you go to different states and you rebuild houses for people that are in need. But that is not the reason we going to those trips. We share Christ with them and it is wonderful seeing people getting to know Jesus. It is called World Changers and it changes a lot of lives. It also changes me every year I go, because there is nothing greater than seeing somebody becoming part of Christian family.
  • Make a wish foundation
  • The foundations that get set up after disaters hit! like the bush fire disaster foundation at the moment for the people who lost everything! anyhting any one can do to help is better than nothin at times like that! Shop at coles on Friday 12th Feb Australians!!! all proceeds go towards it.
  • Many local churches and the like. I like the Salvation Army. Most of the others, I don't contribute because I wonder how they are going to spend the money.
  • Making the most difference in the world would probably be one that promotes reading or schooling. But the ones I'm more drawn to are the ones that give a child a smile by repairing cleft lips and palates. And those that help fistula patients and women of the congo that have been raped.

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