• I think you should give him space. If he broke up with you he probably not know what to say and just blurt anything out. Try talking to him in a few days when the situations cooled down? x
  • Well if you are broken up it seems he has all those things anyhow so you would not be giving it to him. He might want to see you but doubtful he would come back with you. We all. even you, need space and alone time. The difference is that we tend to define ourselves more through our relationships than guys do. So they are more important to us. If he doesn't enjoy being with you and hanging out and doing stuff together then there is no basis for a relationship.
  • You should move on and leave him be. Let him be the one to realize he made a mistake, focus on your own happiness
  • 12-26-2016 What part of "broken" don't you understand? A broken relationship is like a broken vase: it stays broken forever.
  • Thanks to __ for bringing my ex lover back,

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