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  • You must lick other other women pussy first be4 you can asked him to suck other man's dick.
  • Ask him, he may want to do it but afraid to ask you - or - Tell him that you want to see him lick your pussy juices off someones cock.
  • Hi pantygirl, have you gotten him to go along with your request yet? you might try just talking him into a mmf threesome and then get the other guy to suck him off. that might relax him a bit to the idea.
  • Divorce Him........
  • I have a feeling he is already doing it.....
  • I agree with the tell him to have a threesome and than have him lick your pussy juice off his cock. or just tell him you would like it. If you cant be straight up with your man why yall married.if my man wasnt the freak he is we wouldn't be engaged.
  • Do what my wife did to get me to do that. She promised me she would do anything I wanted for 3 months and lived up to the deal. She really had a great time watching me suck her friend's dick she must have cum 15 times. She "directed" me throughout the...whatever we call it...session and her friend really enjoyed it too.
  • let me chat with him on line, without him knowing u r involved. Will subtly get him to admit and roll play sucking big cocks while you you servicing other men's large cocks...what ever excites you... experienced and have had great YH ptguard5 IN THE MEAN TIME
  • I think the original wife's proposal was great and my wife used that technique with me. At first, I was a little surprised, but then I guess it turned me on, too. I told her that, "I wasn't gay," and she said that it didn't have anything to do with that. I sucked her friend's dick and then she had sex with him. We repeated this scenario with two other friends of hers and then I realized how much I enjoyed satisfying another guy and how much my wife enjoyed sex with other men. We do this three or four times a month, now.
  • i would just ask him,i wish my wife would ask...she is very vanilla
  • How far have you gotten with him so far? Whats the most you have come close to doing it? Will he suck on a dildo before you insert it? My wife and I are currently working on getting a dildo up my ass while she sucks. The key is arousal, if he is worked up, you can get him to do anything.
  • I can't speak for other couples. I guess we're in a tiny minority of couples. I'm ten years older than my beautiful wife who was innocent and somewhat naive, when we married a little over ten years ago. I wanted to watch her making love with another man. She was not quite twenty-five and she told me, "To forget it." She thought I wanted an excuse to be with other women. My compulsion was so strong, for lack of a better term, that I continued to encourage and implore her to comply with my requests. We'd become members of an 'alternative nightclub' and she'd begun to meet other young wives who were involved in a number of different sexual situations. Along the way, an attractive young blond housewife seduced my wife and she responded very passionately. Slowly, she began making out with other guys. We were with several couples and she'd be with the wife first and then she began to get play around with her husband. I don't mean sexual intercourse, just oral sex, but this made her want more. We're very athletic and are both Scuba Instructors. We were diving in Cozumel, MX when she told me that from that time forward, I would swallow my own semen! I thought she was joking, but that night she satisfied me orally and then she kissed me. I eagerly kissed her and was shocked when she flooded my mouth with my cum. I responded negatively, of course, but she continued to demanded that, 'I swallow.' It came to the point that if I wanted her to pleasure me in this manner, she made me agree 'in advance' to swallow. After some time, I began to expect and I guess, look forward to her it. Then, one night we were with another couple and she sucked the husband's dick. I didn't think too much about it until she kissed me afterwards and filled my mouth with his semen. I was surprised, but it was funny because I became excited, too. Soon, this became a pattern with her and whenever she satisfied another guy, I knew I'd swallow his cum. As a result, when our extra curricular activities progressed it wasn't a great leap for me to satisfy another man. My wife was already 'bi' and she sort of converted me. I preferred her or another girl, but today I find another guy just as exciting. As for my wife, she becomes excited humiliating me in this manner and she freely admits, "she enjoys dominating me because somewhere along the way she'd determined that I would ultimately submit to her." She was right.
  • Tell him you'll let him watch you make out with a girl if he agrees to suck her bf's dick. It worked for my wife when she asked me!
  • Have you tried hitting him in the head with a shovel? Seriously though, the only way I see this happening for me is that my wife gives me an unbelievable sexual offer.
  • why do you want your husband to suck another mans dick?
  • Tell him how much you would like it.
  • Ask him. If my wife wanted me to i'd consider it. shes licked my ass and fingered another girl for me.I've always wanted to do a threesome with her and a she-male.
  • First, get a couple gay or bi (M-F-M) porn movies and watch them alone (to see which ones YOU like better). When you find one you especially like, let him 'catch' you watching it. Let him know - or better yet SEE how much it turns you on to see guys sucking guys. You could even tell him that one of your girl friends/co-workers told you about watching the movie and that she thought it was really hot to see two guys 'doing that'. If you're lucky, he'll take the hint, but... he might be totally turned off by the whole idea, too. You know your guy better than any of us do, so use your own instincts.... Mark P.S., I wish my wife had this fantasy....
  • All my wife had to do was tell me she wanted to watch me suck another mans dick, I had a suck friend from age 9 untill 38, she has no clue how many times she has tasted his dick when she kissed me after spending the night camping out, so I invited him over for some sex fun, he was more than happy to play, my wife and I were in a 69 andI was watching him pound her pussy, he would pull out every once in a while and let me suck him, I loved the taste of my wifes pussy on another mans dick, well after about 2 hours of trying every position we could think of he came in her and she nelt over my face and watched me lick every drop of his cum from her pussy, strange thing is i was never able to eat my friends cum untill that night, maybe i got off on my wife watching me suck dick and eat cum
  • First, have him lick and suck your vibrator after you get off with it in your pussy. Second, tell him that it turns you on. Third, tell him to suck it more and you will suck his cock. Forth, do this for a few weeks and then ask him if would like you to get strap on for him to suck while you 69. Fifth, ask him if would like to suck the real thing.
  • Just ask him to do it. Most guys are curious anyway.
  • I wish my wife was like you - this is a dream of mine. I have never been with a man but I fantasise about sucking a cock and swallowing the resulting load of cum...... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Life just isn't FAIR ! You WANT to watch your husband suck another mans dick and I can't GET my wife willing to watch ME suck another mans dick ! It just ain't FAIR ! I agree with some of the OTHER answers - first you need to ASK him to do it for you ! He MAY have even thought about it himself but was afraid to tell YOU ! Even if he HASN'T thought about it ( and really isn't interested in it ) he MAY be willing to do it for YOU just for YOUR pleasure. You didn't mention your age but since I've become curious I've done a little research - a surprisingly high percentage of men over 40 have either already DONE it OR become CURIOUS about doing it ! If he is under 40 you can at least "plant the seed" that you WANT it - and as time goes by he probably WILL become more receptive to the idea - that is IF he's not ready to do it for you NOW ! I'll try to be brief about MY situation - it was after my ex-wife and I split up a mutual bisexual girlfriend and I began seeing more of one another. ( My ex-wife and I were into the swinging lifestyle and she was a frequent participant in our swinging activities. ) We has a pretty regular foursome with another couple and one night - out of the blue after she and I had sex alone - she told me she and the other woman wanted to watch me suck the other guy's cock. I was in my late 30's - had never thought about it - had NO interest in it - and flatly refused ! She got VERY angry with me and told me the REASON she was so angry was that she was SURE I would have done it for my ex-wife. I thought about her comment later and decided she was probably RIGHT ! I probably would have for SEVERAL reasons - first of all I truly loved her - and when you truly LOVE someone it becomes much more difficult to determine what you ARE - and are NOT willing to DO for them. Secondly she had brough ME so much pleasure I don't think I would have missed an opportunity to pleasure HER - regardless of how I might have felt about the idea. Thirdly our whole swinging lifestyle was based on sexual exploration and fulfilling one another's fantasies. I think I would have considered it just another avenue of sexual exploration and fulfillment of her desire. I began to fantasize she HAD asked me to do it - I had AGREED to do it for her - and she had set it up. The strange thing about my fantasy was that the thought of sucking cock didn't appeal to me anymore than it had before - it was imagining HER being turned on by watching me suck cock that got ME excited - and I found myslef getting into "performing" for her ! The MORE turned on SHE got the more turned on I got - the better I "performed" - the MORE turned on she got - you get the picture - we fed off of each others arousal to help me finish him off ! ( Which REALLY turned her on - in the fantasy, that it ! ) That was about 20 years ago - the fantasy became SO intense I actually called my ex-wife - told her about it - and asked her to FULFILL it ! She was into another relationship and didn't want to do it with HIM ( she didn't want to open the door to the possibility of swinging with HIM ) and she didn't want to "cheat" on him by doing it with some other guy ! ( Although she DID admit the thought of it turned her ON! ) I'm re-married now - I love my wife VERY much - I told her about my fantasy BEFORE we got married - that I wasn't gay and wasn't even SURE I was bisexual ( I won't know THAT until I actually experience it - and even if I really AM bisexual it would ONLY be "orally bi" - I have NO interest in ANY other form of male / male interaction at ALL ! ) - she "simulates" it for me using her dildo ! She just won't take it to the next level by actually DOING it with me ( we "simulate" sucking cock TOGETHER - which has by FAR become my FAVORITE fantasy ! ) - even though the simulation turns us BOTH on ! Like I said - life just ain't FAIR ! Anyway - I wish you well in YOUR pursuit - and hoepfully he'll DO it for you ! If not but you "plant the seed" now he may - in TIME - be WILLING to do it for you - even if it's only for YOUR pleasure ! Then again - HE may have a fantasy he wants YOU to fulfill and you can negotiate a "trade" - you'll do HIS fantasy for HIM if he'll do YOUR fantasy for YOU ! Best of luck to you two ...
  • I agree! I absolutely love watching men sucking cock. It is certainly a huge bonus thrown in with MFMs. I also think it's sexy beyond belief seeing men fuck each other. Where's my vibrator! Tell your husband you want to find a third for MFMs.
  • I agree with a lot of the other writers ... just ask him. But do it during sexual foreplay, or while he's getting into watching you suck his cock. It's really hard to let go and express your more exotic sexual fantasies. The fear of rejection, anger, or belittling by our lovers is often too much to overcome, but if you're secure in your relationship and broach the subject tactfully, he should be okay with you asking ... he might not agree to it at first, but at least you're not hiding your desires anymore. And I think there are many men who would be interested and VERY willing, in the right environment, with the right guy and if he knows you're turned on by watching him do it. I just wish my wife wanted to watch me suck cock, or to share one with me ... she knows I want to, but isn't interested. Good luck!
  • As others on here have suggested,beginning mfms would provide the perfect opportunity. Come home with a strapon and announce you want to work toward having mfms. See how he reacts to the strapon. If he learns to love it, the next step is finding a partner.
  • Personally if the wife goes down on the girl, i'll suck the cock.
  • Good luck
  • I would love to suck another mans dick. I would want him to cum in my mouth and then spit it in my wifes mouth and watch her swallow it. I happen to think it is hot.
  • So has it happened yet? If not you might simply ask him if he would suck a guy off explaining how much it would get you off. Keep in mind that he might ask you to get gang banged in return.
  • my wife told me to do it a lot of times, and i am craizy about, also she told her frends to fuck my ass... now i can to go to the end throu this .... it is !!!!!!
  • We should get together. :P I've been bugging my wife to have a MMF for a long time but she refuses to. The thought of watching her with another man excites me, and the thought of giving another man oral sex excites me even more!
  • Begin by letting him know you find this a turnon and that you won't think he's less a man for doing it. Most all guys think watching two women together is red hot... there is no logical reason why two men playing should be any different. All the other advice about starting with toys, etc is good too.
  • Tell him no more pussy until he sucks some cock for you!.......It may take awhile but he will submit and suck that cock for you eventually. xoxo cocksucker
  • Just ask him to do it for you. From what I have seen and from my own experience a lot of guys want to suck a cock and they want their S/Os to watch and maybe even coach. I know if I was married to you and you asked me to do that I would LOVE IT
  • Ask him if he would be into it. You never know. If he knows it would turn you on he might just go for it. Offer to eat some pussy while he watches. You askes a while ago, did it happen?
  • my wife used to tell me how she was in the shower and when she couldnt cum from masturbating she'd think about me sucking another guy's cock. i thought it was messed up in the beginning but we'd be in bed and she'd talk more and more about it and i'd be fingering her while we talked and she never got so wet. At first she did as someone else here suggested, had me suck a dildo after she pulled it out of her and after a while she told me she NEEDED to see me sucking another guy - she even held out with sex for quite a while. Anyway while traveling she proposed we find someone at bar who was drunk and see if we could convince him, she said if i did it and dint like it she'd never ask again. We met someone at bar who was real drunk and she proposed it to him, we went up to our hotel and she pulled his pants down, and had me kneel infront of him and then she stood behind and held my head like she was forcing me and said i had no choice (though it would help me do it) and i ended up just doing it.
  • Grow one

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