• i share with thee, a poem by me, about an answer to a query, my little thought out theory,that this poem is sublime, cause it does rhyme. I'm so sharing, and talented?! lol...
  • The mute mutant sits in silence, wishing words would come, As all around are talking, his mouth is notably numb. He’s hoping his hell will end soon, as he stiffly sits in his seat, Listening to loquacious locals, banter and babble with an ease hard to beat. The mute mutant drinks whisky and water, at a reasonably rapid rate, But drunken delirium eludes him, sobriety his future, his fate. He’s wishing the words would gush forth, with wisdom, and with no little wit, But outgoing oration evades him, his fuse forlornly fails to be lit. The mute mutant heads home to his house now, wondering when they will miss him, No-ones noticed the nobody going, with a visage very sad, very grim. As he plods past the party of people, he thinks sadly and with a sigh, How no guest granted a gesture, he gets no wave, he gets no goodbye.

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