• I do enjoy Final Fantasy X. But if you're looking for something for a younger audience, try Radiata Stories.
    • Todo Tu Yo
      Where ilke PlayStation 2 game but never I m play final fantasy
  • Final Fantasy XII. :) Edit LoL You edited the question to include "besides final fantasy". Well I only like FF, but here is a link for you:
  • The Best RPG For Ps2 Besides Final Fantacy Is Xenosaga 1-3!
  • Kingdom Hearts - Greatests Hits
  • .Hack// is a good series. And, even though I don't really care for it, you could try playing Kingdom Hearts. Hope I helped a little. ^^
  • Kingdom Hearts owns all. Well most Square Enix games do.
  • one thing i look up to in RPG's are insane stats and some variation in skills and abilities.. if your looking for some high octane battle system and you love to see HP's and DMG's(attack damage) and some other stats in huge numbers ,not to mention it's gamespeed and whoop-ass moves and. -i'd say Star Ocean:Till the End of Time (IMO..) well it's up to you.
  • No doubt; Persona 3 and Persona 4.
  • O.K. their are plenty other than Final Fantasy, but I can only think of one, witch was my all-time favorite. Chrono Cross Its for any playstation and its a got to have. The story line if just so intense that you will remember it forever.

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