• I think a beer belly is unhealthy... a 6-pack is an added bonus. Edit: Will someone please let me know why this question was rated down to a -9? Thanks. Edit 2: Will someone please explain why I was rated down for this answer. This is my opinion, if you don't like it, ignore it. Edit 3: Thank you teknimage and JUSTNORMAL. :)
  • Some could argue that many could never have a six-pack. I've even read physiology papers that say having a six-pack is not a healthy state for your body to be in, at least not for very long, because of the unusually low percentage of body fat normally required to show them off. I think the better idea of the two is the middle-of-the-road, moderate approach. And certainly not the beer gut. That's just unhealthy no matter how you look at it.
  • It is more important not to have a bear belly rather than have a "six-pack". A bear belly is a sign that a person does not take care of his health. It is considered a bif turn-off by many women. In order just to get a "six-pack", an average person needs a lot of time, determination, discipline in diet and work outs. It takes an equal effort to maintain a "six-pack". But it is always worth to strive for regardless of your age or physique.
  • I think young people tend to be attracted to the physical attributes, which is shallow but sometimes the good looking girs or boys get all the dates. However as an adult female, appearances are not that important. As we get older our bodies change, and normally for the worst. However, at the end of the day, what really matters is that we love another for their honesty, respect and accepting is for who we are.
  • I think not having a beer belly is important for how others see you and having a six pack is mostly about yourself. The one guy I know with a six pack is really proud of it and shows it off all the time, but I'm like meh.
  • Abs: the only place where a six pack beats a keg! Honestly, I think snuggly beats ripped.
  • Having a "six pack" is actually dangerous for your health. Hence why most athletes do not maintain one.

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