• When the rabbit comes out the hat.
  • According to Robert Hendrickson, author of The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins as well as Grand Slams, Hat Tricks & Alley-Oops: A Sports Fan's Book of Words, "the term originated in cricket in the 19th century. Bowlers were awarded a new hat (or received the proceeds of a collection made by passing a hat) when they bowled down three wickets. From there the phrase moved to horse racing (for a jockey who rode three consecutive winners), hockey and soccer. Some credit the genesis of the hockey term to a Toronto hatter in the 1940s named Sammy Taft, who gave free chapeaus to Maple Leafs who scored three goals in a game. (We don't know whether Taft was aware of the cricket connection.) Over time, fans began to toss hats onto the ice when a player scored his third goal".
  • It is the feat of scoring three goals in a soccer match, scoring three tries in a rugby match, taking three wickets in consecutive balls in a cricket match, scoring three goals in a hockey game and probably has some application in other sports too in the same fashion. The origin of the term is thought to be from the late 19th century in the cricket sense, where a bowler who achieved this feat was presented with a hat to commemorate the event; however this is not definite.
  • A hat trick is acheived in the games of Hockey, Soccer, Crircket, etc, etc when a single player scores 3 goals in the length of a match.
  • It's a cricket term for when a bowler takes three consecutive wickets. Cricket is full of really silly terms! A duck or golden duck = when a batsman is out without scoring a single run. Silly mid on = A dangerous place for a fielder to be standing, really close to the batsman (hence the "silly" part.) etc etc
  • The same player scoring 3 goals in a football match
  • Three consecutive Bowled in Cricket, Tries in Rugby and Goals in Football. It is used as a sporting reference but can mean a person winning something 3 years in a row. Oscars, Toni's, Booker prize anything that is 3 in a row. It is not actually factually used any more they say if a person gets 3 of anything it is a hat trick but it originally meant only consecutively
  • A single player scores three goals in the same game.

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