• Until we can explain how life develops, the road is open for all kinds of unintelligible arguments. Thing is, we have some rational theories based on facts on the creation of the universe, but life remains a mystery and has not been created in a laboratory.
  • It depends on how open minded the listener is. I've spoken with several that actually can hold a very good debate.
  • there are no intelligent arguments, but some ask good questions. these questions are welcome by scientists when they are made in good faith. questioning evolution does not an argument make however... IMO
  • Intelligent and creationism should never be used in the same sentence and right here is a perfect example of why:
  • I would not say they are ignorant,but misguided by faith and alter their thinking to suit their religion.Science and common sense have proven the point of evolution,but creationism has little to stand on as in proof.
  • read the comments under my answer
  • these scientists, respected and highly intelligent do not embrace evolution:
  • Of course not! They are capable of intelligent argumentation, just like anyone else... just not about creationism.
  • In my opinion creationism is the only form that makes since at all. Evolution contradicts itself many times, does not have proof of the most important parts, and chooses to ignore the facts that don't support. I would be happy to debate and/or go onto more detail, just ask, or email
  • You might actually help persuade somebody if you don't start out by insulting people.
  • Ask me an intelligent question and find out...
  • Laughably ignorant is an accurate description of these fools
  • I look at the facts, and the evidence... ask me a question. or do you prefer to answer question?
  • My understanding is that they suspend logic and intelligence and science in favor of faith. That makes intelligence, laughs and ignorance....irrelevant.
  • I think Christopher Langan could give you a run for your money! He says "You can prove the existence of God, the soul and an afterlife, using mathematics." He's arguably the smartest man in the world. I'm guessing you may find his arguments laughable, but probably only because you don't understand them.
  • Fred Hoyle and even Carl Sagan have both said that science cannot explain our existence; let alone the fact that we're smart enough to be talking about it.
  • Creationism is as much a laugh as evolutionism. Both feed each others polemics and both are american symptoms.

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