• You can create your own. Excel's 'Help' section will tell you how if you look up "Digital Signature", but the steps are pretty easy. If you don't already have a "Digital Certificate for VBA Projects" selection in Microsoft Office / Office Tools in your Programs menu, then: 1. Go to Control Panel to Add / Remove Programs 2. Open Microsoft Office Setup 3. Select the choice for 'Digital Signature' and install that. 4. Name your own certificate. That is the name that others will see if you send your work to them, and will replace the dialog box they receive upon opening workbooks with VBA macros, so make it a meaningful name that will help to inspire confidence in you and your work. (Not like some Internet handles, in other words.) 5. When you create VBA projects in workbooks, go to View Code, then Tools / Digital Signature. Apply your signature to your work and save the workbook. 6. Now when you open the workbook for the first time afterward you'll see the digital signature with your name on it, plus a selection checkbox to "always trust work from this source". Check it, and you'll never be bothered by an 'enable macros?' Q from your own work again -- as long as you remember to 'sign' all of your work, that is. At least until you modify an existing macro and forget to re-sign it. (Read the Help section for more information!)

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