• When a child starts to come home from school alone, or is going to be alone at any time I think a cell phone is a required safety device.
  • My 2 daughters got theirs when they started driving, (so that would be age 16). My son got his at 15, because he walked home from school, alone, until he got his license.
  • That entirely depends on the lifestyle of the child. If say at the age of 11, 12 you start sending your child alone for classes or to and from school then I feel that is the time to give them a cell phone. No high end model and certainly not one with a lot of talk time. What I did was I gave` my son an old phone on a plan which gave him unlimited incoming calls and outgoing calls for a very small some of money for emergencies. He has been instructed to give me a missed call if he needs to call me. That way I can keep in touch with him but he does not have any any WAP or any fancy add ons to use the phone as anything else but as a device for keeping in touch.
  • I don't think most people 'need' a cell phone, so I'd not give one to our children. Besides we don't get reception up here anyway so it's useless to call home.
  • No child needs a cell phone. But it would be good to have when the child starts driving.
  • I think when they're about 12 or so...when they are going out on bike rides, gone with friends alot, etc.
  • I don't think that a child needs a cell phone at all. When they're 18, and can sign the contract on their own (and PAY for it on their own), then they can decide for themselves if they want to get one.
  • If your child walks to and from school, they should have a cell phone.
  • i like my son to have one incase some crazy teenagers start shooting at school, he can call me.

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