• Xbox live is down for maintenances. =]
  • My boyfriend was having the same exact problem. After spending weeks on the phone with Xbox and with Linksys, he finally discovered the culprit was the router. ...Something about the version of router he was using. Also, it has something to do with your NAT. If it comes up as "Moderate" or "Strict" when you test your connection, it won't let you do those things you mentioned. He is, at this very moment, at the store purchasing another router. He's completely FED UP with trying to fix it. Hope this helps.
  • Hey this is Proudpugparents Boyfriend. I have already heard about the DMZ. But in my case that didn't help. Hopefully it does for you. I know how much of a pain this is.I also tried port forwarding and port triggering but still nothing.I also own a PS3 and it also would not hook up to my network with the Linksys. But so far everything is working perect with the new DLink. Good luck!
  • did you actually pay for xbox live or just plug in an ethernet cable and call it good
  • forward the ports (many people think they know how but in fact they never forward them correctly) also, DMZ is bad. dont do it unless you know what you are doing and lastly, use openDNS servers ( and

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