• Of course it is. How is that different than meeting someone in a bar and just going to have sex? It's illegal to meet someone from craiglist and pay to have sex with them.
  • Unless its a prostitute..then thats illegal.
  • What?! You can get sex on Craigslist? Damn all I ever see is old furniture and crap cars! ...goin' to craigslist now...
    • mushroom
      I suspect it would be similar to what you've previously seen on Craigslist.
    • Linda Joy
      lol @ mushroom. Maybe you'll find it under free diseases!
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  • If you're paying them, then yes. But appearances can be deceiving.
  • As long as you're not paying for sexual services.
  • probably but i wouldnt do it, its a good way to get an std
  • No. as long as there is no money involved and both are consenting adults
  • As long as all are of legal age in the state you are in and it is consensual for all those involved.
  • never did , is it good
  • That would depend on whose law you are under, how old both parties are, whether or not you marry first, whether it is sex for money, etc. In the US sodomy laws were still on the books in 14 states until the Supreme Court deemed them unconstitutional in 2003. Virginia is for lovers... so they say but if you're not married sex is still illegal and cohabitation before marriage by "romantic couples" is still illegal in 4 states! I'm sure some other countries are even stricter.
  • Yes, it is legal - as long as you're not paying for sex and all parties involved have consented. However, Craigslist Personals for casual hook-ups is no longer available. If you're looking for an alternative for casual encounters and adult fun, Vivastreet is your best bet. Check it out:
  • I would be very leery of getting it on with someone I don't know. I don't believe in sex when I first meet a new man. I really would like to get to know them. I don't know if its legal it sounds quite unsafe. Not only for STDs and for meeting someone who would rape or even worse. Plus I'm in a relationship with a man so its irrelevant to me.

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