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  • I don't have a current s/o..but I have never lacked the courage to tell anyone what I wanted to try sexually. If ya don't speak up, you miss out. ;) lol
  • Want to try,yep there are things the wife and I have not done yet. but we have a list! I am sure the Vanilla people have lots of things to talk about!
  • I feel my significant other is someone I can tell anything, so I don't keep ideas to myself. I've learned in the past people are actually afraid to approach me (I've never seen myself as intimidating, but somehow I am), so I feel opening up will help her open up so she won't be so apprehensive about asking me to try things with her. There are things I haven't done, though, one of which is sex with a strap-on. And since I have no significant other at the moment, it will be a while before that wish is fulfilled.
  • Nothing anymore... Found out it's way more fun to go for it.
  • I don't have the courage to say it on here, either. >_> I guess that's pretty stupid though, should probably tell him about it. Worse is he won't want to. >_>
  • Too many to count :)
  • I've wanted to try some sex toys, and maybe something with food, but my husband isn't into that type of thing, so I have not tempted to ask.
  • I don't lack courage. If i wanna try it ~ i try it :)

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