• I remember reading some sort of list about this in Reader's Digest. A few of what I remember: - All bombs have red digital counters to tell everyone when they're going to explode. - A guy can run through a shower of bullets and not get a single scratch, if he's the hero. - A vehicle will always be able to squeeze between train cars at high speed when being pursued, if the driver is the hero. - When a woman hears strange noises in the night, she will get out of her room and investigate in her most revealing lingerie.
  • We'll head them off at the pass *preferably as performed on "Blazing saddles"*
  • -The token brotha NEVER lives in horror movies. -The action hero defeats everyone with a pistol, even though they all have sub-machine guns. -The geeky, nerdy guy always gets the girl in the end no matter how much he trips over himself, says the wrong things, etc. Hitch comes to mind. -Guys are always the ones who have to beg for forgiveness from their wives when the marriage is bad. You never see a movie where a woman is begging for forgiveness.
  • An obviously attractive girl will be the class fugly because she wears glasses and has her hair tied back, and lo and behold she will be transformed into a stunning beauty everyone fancies by the simple act of taking said glasses off and letting her hair loose. Someone saying "what the?" which I have only ever heard someone say in a movie. Someone being chased by a monster through the woods will, after about ten seconds of running, look over their shoulder to see if it is still on their tail, and trip over a branch and fall. Presumably monsters are well known for their poor stamina.

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