• This would be a Georgian SKS (as in Republic of Georgia). It is interesting - I haven't found any information on SKS being currently made there. What part of the rifle is this written / embossed on? How old is the rifle?
  • Ok, what you see is the importer's stamp, an identification required by the BATFE on all firearms imported into the US. C.A.1. is actually C.A.I. and that stands for Century Arms International, a major firearms importer located in Georgia, Vermont, USA. A SKS Model 69/66 is the Yugoslavian version of the venerable rifle. It is distinguished from the rest of the SKS clan by: 1 - Rubber recoil pad on the butt stock. 2 - Gas cutoff valve located behind the front sight. Push it in and to the right and the rifle is semi-auto. Push it in and to the rear and it's single-shot. You'll see why next. 3 - Rifle grenade sights and spigot. What you see is not a flash suppressor, but the mount allowing the rifle to launch rifle grenades. The grenades are still used by a few special units in the old-Yuogoslavia area, but are not available in the US except as inert, dummy rounds. When the gas valve is in single shot mode, the rifleman would mount the grenade on the spigot and load a special, high-pressure blank round in the chamber. He'd then aim the grenade using the ladder sights mounted behind the front sights, lining up the top of the grenade with the range line he wants to try for.
  • I have things that say "Made in China". Is it weird that that's in English??

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