• if you have questions, it is definitely worth it, but your consultation should be free.
  • yes, absolutely. go to one with an excellent local reputation (check the better business bureau) and get going on the road of financial planning! especially in these uncertain times, expert advice is very important to protect your money/investments/savings.
  • Yes, I have met with one. If you get a good one they will tell you things like: What your retirement needs will be based on your current standard of living. What you need to be doing now to see that you will meet that goal. If you have adequate life insurance. How you should consider investing funds according to your risk tolerance and time line till retirement. What you need to be saving towards your children's college education. It was very enlightening and a little bit frightening and totally worth it.
  • Yes, but it was an informal meeting. I attended a seminar about the stock market two weeks ago and I talked to one of the speakers after the break. I think it's worth seeing one if you can't find the information you need on your own. Two participants in the seminar that I attended told me that the things dicussed there could actually be accessed on the Internet. But if you're thinking of investing a huge amount of money, I think it's much better to meet with an expert.
  • KNOWLEDGE ... is always a good thing. And seeking an opinion is simply gathering INFORMATION about how it relates to you and your own personal position. As 'information' you then can do with it whatever you wish. I'd say, go for it. It can't harm you and -- if my intuition is correct -- it will help plan your next steps, relieving much of your financial anxiety.
  • Anyone can call himself a financial adviser. If the person is qualified he/she can be of help; if the person is not qualified you can be had.

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