• I think it's to do with the tune its self, thats why adverts seem to stay with us> very clever marketing ploy really, because you remember the tune, your more likely to buy the product!!! the worst one i got stuck in my head was off a childrens programme and when i went shopping i remembered i needed spaghetti and got some really strange looks when i burst into song: spaghetti is messy peas and rice are very nice chocolate spread on bread is good we're having our favorite foods for tea!!!! the whole aisle of people just stopped turned and looked i was most embarressed when i realised i'd sung it twice through i can laugh about it now but it just shows how the subconcious takes over and not always in a good way lol
  • It's called a brain worm. Hum or sing a different song and it will go away.
  • Waffle House has the song Raisin Toast on their jukebox. It used to always get stuck in my head. The best way to get one song out of your head is listening to another song.

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