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  • VERY VERY VERY unlikely.
  • Not unless the guy has some really talented sperm.
  • It has happened. Those little fellas are good swimmers. Mr Bill
  • Although the chance would be very very slim, there is still a slight possibility.
  • obviously not
  • you have got to be kidding? how old are you? you can't honestly not know this..where are your parents or trusted adult.
  • Oh, man! Wherever do they come up with these questions? ROFL!
  • No offense I feel degraded for answering this and in doing so I'm insulting my own intelligence,as well as revealing the fact that I need to start living,and stop answering these questions!Here it is anyhow 4 your entertainment! Well the guy can still wear his jeans,but it's kind of sick,and animal like behavior to pull it off without being somewhere other than a place where he has to abruptly pull his britches up,cause it presents a heated moment at the wrong location.In fact sounds pathetic!Thats why Corporations have glass ceilings,and video cameras.
  • I have only one piece of advice. Take a sex education class....the sooner the better. BTW..if pregnancy is a concern, it couldn't have been TOO dry, now could it?
  • well that depends did the guy cum? XD
  • No !!! Absolutely not. There is no way HE could get pregnant from from this type of action. :-) I bet it must have been really good for her too.
  • Yes this happened to me once with my poodle, he was having a ball with my leg and OMG 9months later I had a litter of mixed breeds, but they were so cute...
  • His jeans are on, but is his fly down?
  • Short and sweet: YES. It CAN happen. It only takes ONE sperm to make it to the egg, to impregnate a women. Pre-cum or orgasm, soaking through ... wet touches wet ... ONE guy makes it to the egg, and VIOLA... "Cleaning up" ... touching the wrong place with even a drop of sperm on the hand, knee, pants ... ONE guy makes it... VIOLA! So, yes. It CAN happen. It's unlikely, but are you willing to bet the next 20 years of your life on it?
  • not possible at all. Unless you had one hell of a wet dream before you humped her, allowing sperm into her vagina. And if that is all you did was day hump, and she is now pregnant, its not yours fool.

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