• My grandmother the Catholic swears by it. Me I don't pray to saints, I pray to God and thats it.
  • Experiment. Everytime you lose something alternate searching, and searching with prayer and note how soon you find it or if you do find it. Keep a diary and see which works best for you. BTW- If you are not Catholic, or have great faith in Cathoicism, why would you think St. Anthony could help? Would he help non-Catholics?
  • My Family ALWAYS pray to ST Anthony when anything is lost today he helped me find a wallet full of money but more importantly credit cards, if i had not found it things would have been very awkward for me since the person it belonged to died last thursday. St Anthony came up trumps and the strange thing is I had already searched the place i found it , obviously not well enough. Now i am praying he will help me find something else which needs to go in the coffin to fufill a promise
  • I strongly believe that intention is a very powerful force. Whether it's invoked via prayer or feng shui or creative visualization or any manner of weasel-skull-waggling or whatever, it seems to be amazingly productive. St. Anthony is surely no less effective than any other focal point for one's intention, so there are probably zillions of 'success' stories. I haven't one personally, but hopefully you'll have some fun ones shared here.
  • When my Mum is looking for something she always says "Come on St Anthony where is it?" and usually- she finds it. What's weird is that not only is she not a Catholic, she's not even a Christian. But she still swears by it.
  • I think you've lost your marbles.
  • I think St. Anthony has a vendetta against me. Possibly because I'm not Christian..?
  • I have prayed to St. Anthony many times when I have lost stuff. Most of the time I find things very quickly. And in places I never would have thought to look if I didn't get a "feeling" to go and look there. Sometimes it took a few days to find it. But whenever I asked St. Anthony to intercede on my behalf I always found what I was looking for! I believe in the power of prayer and I believe that the saints truly do help us. On a side note, I have also heard if you are having trouble in traffic-like finding a parking space or getting out onto a busy street-pray for his intercetion. I have done that many a time when trying to find a parking spot at a crowded store and it usually works!
  • My sister's cat had been missing for over a week. I mentioned St Anthony to her, and she did ask him for the cat's return. It returned the next day.
  • I agree with most of the answers that the power of suggestion behind the prayers may be a big factor. They made us pray to St. Anthony ALL THE TIME in Catholic school-for everything from a lost piece of chalk to a missing wallet. Once when I was in grad. school the white star sapphire fell out of my ring, I prayed to St. Anthony and found it-in my cat's litter box! I'm not supposed to pray to saints, as I'm Episcopalian and we don't do that, but hey, whatever gets you through the day, right?
  • I am not Christian, infact I am a Hindu and St. Anthony is my miracle Saint. He has never failed me, I am sure I have not been grateful enough but just as a parent would forgive their child, St.Anthony has always guided me. I love St.Anthony.
  • The Bible promotes none of this stuff...It has only one major promote the preaching of the Kingdom...Matthew 28: 19,20 And doing it door to door as Jesus did. Acts 5:42

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