• External hard drive, and really important data (that is not so large!) is stored in secure on-line folders. :)
  • It depends on the situation. I go overboard with my backups, but here are some of the strategies I use: 1. I use Norton Ghost to make an image of my hard drive once all my software is installed and working. I create the image file on my external USB hard drive. 2. I save all my personal data files in a specific folder and at least once a month, I copy that entire folder onto my external USB hard drive. 3. Since some programs store data files somewhere in the Documents and Settings folder, I also make copies of specific folders in there too, especially my Mozilla folder. Again, I copy this to my external USB hard drive.
  • I have tried 3-4 different things, and finally decided to forget it. I spent too much time doing it all, and backups are not all that reliable anyhow I found out. All it takes is one corrupt file to make it pretty worthless. I am very careful, and if something happens, as long as my hard drive is intact, I can get a friend to pull the data off and transfer it to another hard drive or something. I am not real worried about it. I have more important things to worry about.
  • I now use an External Western Digital 80 GB USB Drive. I did use an Iomega Zip250 USB Powered Zip Drive and a few 250 MB Zip Disks.
  • Two external seagate 350 gig drives that are automated to back-up at midnight every other night. Software came with the drives. Works great.

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