• Cowardly lion -he jumped out of a fucking window, how badass is that?
  • The Tin man. I mean he's a heartless robot with an axe, that could have made such an awesome slasher movie. Taken from Wikipedia; "The Tin Woodman's axe proves useful in this journey, both for chopping wood to create a bridge or raft as needed, AND FOR CHOPPING THE HEADS OFF ANIMALS THAT THREATEN THE PARTY." Jesus hell! I don't kill animals and I'm not Emo, and will conclude by admitting that I thought the question was aksing which one do I like best, as opposed to which one I am more like; either way, same answer. XD
  • I'm going to say witch....she just seems like the one that could potentially be interested in stealing the souls of children, like me. Or the Tin Man...he'd eat the souls and then hold them inside his body forever, and that's how he remains animate.
  • Scarecrow i do not need to eat i no need warm, oxygen, air or any thing i just need to think out the way to use money and i don't hurt . best i can scare the crow :D AWESOME LOL
  • Senior Scarcow Wizard!
  • Tin Man
  • When my friends and I wold play "Wizard of Oz" in kindergarten I was always Toto. I was really devoted to that character. Does this reflect my adult reletionships? Sadly, I think it does. I'm brave,but hesitant,Smart,but spacey, real, but evasive, centered, but doomed, loud but tiny and bitchy enough that I have explaining to do.
  • Well, I feel lost most of the time, so I'm gonna say Dorothy!
  • Probably the Tin Man - I want a new heart, one not so easily broken. ;)

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