• Gang bangers are like brainwashed members of a cult. They have to do terrible things to pledge allegiance to their gang. In a group situation, when one is laughing and having fun, especially a leader, monkey see monkey do. Its necessary to get locked up at some point, almost a badge of honor. In some areas there are so many gang bangers that its hard to track the "ones". I know that here in Chicago the police are trying hard, but its such a regular occurence and the gang entity is so strange and elusive it can be very difficult.
  • Of course a lone gang member would NEVER EVEN CONSIDER jumping someone by themselves. It is ALWAYS when they have backup. The police might not do anything because it may be hard to pick out the suspect. Considering their loyalty to conformity, gang attire looks the same from coast to coast... a banger in Miami is going to look the same as one in Seattle.
  • Well for one it could be racism. They could be a couple of skin heads that see a couple of Jewish guys and hence they jump them because they are the "inferior race." NOT! Sorry but I disagree with social darwinism and racism. There could also be sexism involved, agism (oppression against aged people) speciesm (oppression against species,) etc. Also the leader could have conditioned them (trained them) to laugh at the situation. Some may find it disgusting but it might cause some problems to disagree with a leader in front of his group. Also some may force a laugh just to provoke the men that were jumped to fight them. They may get a kick out of making people mad so they laugh at them. Anyways as unto the cops they themselfs may be racists, sexists, ageists, lazy, greedy, or they have other problems much larger to deal with. I however sense that you may know someone that has been jumped therefore I send my blessings unto them. Good day.

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