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  • The reality is the electoral college is an archaic remnant of days gone by. It has served it's purpose, but is no longer necessary, and in many ways is a hindrance to democracy. The real question should be with the popular vote, why do we need the electoral college?
  • When we vote. We don't actually vote for president. We vote for the electors. There are democratic and republican electors. In the states where Obama won, the democratic electors will vote. In the states McCain won, the republican votes will count. Technically an elector can vote differently than the popular vote in that state, but that very rarely happens. If it does it will only be one or two so it will make no difference.
  • The electoral college IS necessary and not archaic. It was set in place to ensure that smaller states and states with less population would have an equal voice in selecting the president. The majority rules is not and was never intended to be the way things were/are decided. By electing representatives from the different states to the electoral college each STATE has an equal voice. The United STATES of America. Rather than being a group of 50 different countries we elected to be one country of 50 states. This seems to be the direction that the EU is trying to go but have not quite gotten over their biases enough to accomplish, if they ever will. It was meant to give us more strength in common defense and more strength monitarily in our diverse resources. Amongst other things.
    • mushroom
      The EC is also supposed to be a "sanity check" against the masses voting in a madman. How well is that working out?
  • Democracy should mean more than just voting. 'Voting' is just pulling a lever every four years, it doesn't actually do anything. We need to organise, like they did in Bolivia.
  • The "popular vote" is often misleading. In NV, Clark county, Las Vegas and Washoe co. Reno control all of our elections because their population vastly outnumbers the rest of the counties in the state. So that means 2 counties control the other 14 counties. With the electoral college, they represent all the counties of each state, and they vote according to the majority of counties choosing a candidate. That is far more representative than simple "Popular vote" of high population centers controlling everything.
  • The Electorl College prevents the states with higher populations such as California and New York from influencing national policy that affects those states with a sparse population. Wyoming doesn't share the same political and economic interests as California and thus, it would be unfair for California to set policies that benefit California but not Wyoming.
  • The president is selected by the electors, according to the US Constitution. The US didn't always have a popular vote for president. If we ever want to change this, it would require an amendment to the Constitution, but with the current political landscape of democrats and republicans controlling everything and only focusing on hating each other, it will not happen within our lives.
  • My question why is there an electoral college. Every other democratic nation votes by popular vote. This is one college imho I think the US should drop out of asap.
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      You're welcome to go vote in their elections. Just bear in mind that you have to be a citizen of the country you're voting in - something the Left doesn't think is necessary.
  • All I know is, If all the 2M illegals Biden let in vote in Texas, they could turn the state blue. This was the plan all along by the Dems who endorsed open borders. If Texas goes blue, along with Cali, NY and all the other blue states, they will have enough electoral college votes to stay in charge for good! We cannot let this happen!
  • The popular vote is the will of the people. The electoral college is the will of the electoral college. The electoral college was created due to the fact people were not informed 200years ago. mail took a month to get delivered and newspapers were never current. The rich and college educated created the college to ensure a RUBE would not lead the country That is not the case today and the college should no longer be needed

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