• What if one is both religious and has no god? Not all religions are theistic btw.
  • AMEN brotha
  • I'm an atheist, and my mind can be changed. My lack of belief in god doesn't mean that I am locked into that position. I am very willing to change my opinion as soon as empirical evidence becomes available.
  • It would be a lot easier if it wasn't provoked, a lot of the questions I see are traps so they can knock us down a peg..If you are an Atheist then why are you asking questions in these topics? I see anyone atheist or not that have questions in these areas deserve the best I or anyone can may be the answer they are looking for..who knows. I take these topics seriously and if someone is looking over these questions that aren't sure what they believe it would only be fair that they see all angles and not just one sided answers.
  • I agree with you. We cant keep pushing people cause it makes a mockery of the believers.
  • No preaching from this religious person, Little big mouth. Would you agree, however, that the atheists should stop 'preaching' to religious people? There are two sides to every coin
  • Valiant effort that will fall in deaf ears. From experience I've found out that, in order to keep the preaching types at bay, you have to strike back with all your might
  • It seems to me that we would all be happier if the deeply religious just let the irreligious get on with their lives without comment. By the same token the irreligious should do the same to the religious. On Answerbag these two groups are engaged in a never ending war of attrition and each is as guilty as the other of asking inane and pointless questions.
  • It's not going to happen. Most religious people are encouraged or even required to preach to the heathens, and they feel obligated to do it. Here's the crazy thing though: most atheists got where they are because of their ability to change their minds. It's the theists that have a problem with that. That's why I often tell other atheists that we should stop preaching to you; it just makes us look bad, as we seem to care what you think, when we really shouldn't.
  • I dunno if im Atheist or Religous i believe some higher power had a hand in making our universe and i also believe that Atheist's and Agnostics (someone who doesnt believe in god but does not deny the possibility of his/her existence i think) & anyone else should have the right to choose their own beliefs and that when someone of a different faith ask's them to go away and stop preaching to them they really should stop. I also believe that certain Religions particuarly Christianity should tone down just a little like for example protesting against homosexuals i believe is wrong and that religous suppression of groups like the people who practice Falun Gong in China should stop.
  • I don't make fun of your God. Although I'm not quite an atheist. I've made friends with some people who have tried to convert me, actually.
  • I completly agree. Although it would be nice if athiest stop asking these same types of questions that put people on the spot and make them defensive (typically heard from Christians). It goes both ways, not many people are free from judgement/haven't fallen prey to these "forceful" questions.
  • As an atheist I don't think I ever "make fun" of anyones god. I might point out a contridiction in their belief system, or challenge their understanding of their faith, but I try not to mock anyone.
  • Well I'm a Christian and I don't believe I "preach" to atheists. If questions are asked that I have an opinion or thought on I do answer it. However, I'm not out to change someone &/or their beliefs, that's up to them. I don't think that we need to just sit back and not speak the truth as we believe it. It's a fine line we walk & maybe we need to use more caution.
  • I think God is Big enough to handle being made fun of! Just look at Jesus time right before, and while He was on the cross. The question may be this. Are you big enough to be made fun of? Aside from that I enjoy discussing things with athiests up to a point. It takes more faith for them to believe than it does me!
  • God bless you.
  • I do not preach to anyone. I answer questions. If an Atheist asks a question under Religions then I beleive they want to read answers. With love in Christ.

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