• I would never take my anger out on a good meal! Not in my family!;)
  • Yes. If someone starts world war three at the dinner table, my throat constricts and I simply can't eat, I have to have peace and I have to get my blood pressure down first, and by then the meal is cold. So yes, if someone upsets me too much, my beautiful meal goes straight in the bin, rather than have it sitting there being one more thing to be upset about. If someone is doing this go have their cholesterol and blood pressure checked, honestly.
  • No, but I have pushed it off the table to the floor.
  • Never! I was taught not to waste food. I would simply put a plastic wrap over it and put it in the refrigerator until I calmed down.
  • Yup. None of your business.
  • No, I gave it to the dog.
  • Yes... I was pissed, that tv dinner looked so foul I would not even feed it to the dog
  • No. But I would rather give it to someone else instead.There are millions of people who go empty stomach. I stopped eating one meal and found that it does not affect my daily life at all.I do all my activities without any problem.
  • If by "trash" you mean "wall," then yes.
  • I had just gotten married, I had cooked a turkey, and he didn't come home...The dog ate well that night!
  • LOL! No.
  • Absolutely not. My anger doesn't manifest itself in destructive physical actions.
  • The Mrs. has been known to do just that but the trash is me and I've become really good at dodging the food.
  • Never. It is sinful to waste food when half the world is starving to death.
  • Yes and once a plate of Spaghetti Bolognaise at the wall. That made such a mess I have never done it since.
  • Aha, my mother-in-law had YOU over to dinner, too, right?
  • Yes, but that was because I ruined the meal. Once it was a meat pie, and it burned. I got angry and hucked it, another time, AGAIN small meat pies where I ruined the crust. I suck with crusts. Threw those out too, but I actually took out the meat and put it in a plate, and ate that, just without the crust. I really don't like wasting food, and if I did my dad would come out of his grave to scream at me. >_> But I admit, once I wanted to eat some sardines, and the key for the can snapped. I got so pissed, went outside and hucked the whole sardine container as hard as I could. I think it landed on someone's car...I heard this huge KABLANG and some guy started yelling, like he was pissed. I totally went right back inside and started laughing lol.
  • oh yes. and at the wall. and at the ceiling. and at the floor. and out the window. and at people. many people. and at the fan(which was on at the time- left quite a large mess EVERYWHERE)!!

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