• I wasn't going to answer, just give you points-- but DAMNED GOOD QUESTION! And, no.
  • no, but if someone has.........I definately want to know so I can get rich too!!
  • The people who get rich are the smarty-pants who put together the schemes and get you to buy them. You TOO can get rich. Just...lose the ethics and buy some air time. Oh yes, nice notebooks. Go down to Office Depot and buy some notebooks to put your "materials" into as well.
  • I was curious so I downloaded the material (the Rick Jerk) for free from the web... and it was a complete joke. Its too dishonest/manipulative for me to implement.
  • No and No. I think these offers are hitting at our baser instincts like Greed, this is one of the main reasons that these companies and Con men can part us from our money so easily. The promise of easy riches
  • Not that I know of.
  • what a cracking question! but have never done it
  • The answer is absolutely not and the reasons why happen to be some of the most robust findings in the history of the field of finance. Simply put, anyone who has knowledge of a guaranteed way to earn abnormal returns on a risk-adjusted basis is too busy doing that very thing to waste time and money marketing that anomoly to other people. If anything, disseminating that knowledge would cause the opportunity to disappear and then NOBODY would be capturing the supposed abnormal returns that would result from this. Anyone who is interested on the theory behind this, I would encourage to do a search on Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) or Random Walk Theory. The Wikipedia pages on this material are pretty good.
  • As soon as I turn 18 and am legally able to order one of those I will. Hopefully I will get rich, or at least make a little extra dough.
  • No, what many of those things teach are mostly comon knowledge things that require money to invest to begin with, and to take advntage of people who are in urgent need to sell property due bad luck, I wouldn't feel right making money like that.
  • lol cant say that i have.
  • I sure have! Just send me $29.95 and I'll tell you how...

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