• I lost 70+ lbs in 5 months using Metabolife. WAY too much weight in WAY to short a period. Besides my 20 years of drug use, quite possibly the worst thing I've ever done to my body. This was YEARS ago when it had all the bad (good) stuff in it. As a result, I had blood pressure issues for quite some time after I stopped using it. My advise to you is to stay away from crap like that. While I DID look good, I did not feel healthy. and the weight came back in quick time... The second time I lost all that weight, I did it with diet and exercise and I felt A LOT better and it was easier to keep off.
  • Read this, it likely has *too* much information for you.
  • Hydroxicut You have to experience or well you'll just have nerivous enegy and not lose weight.
  • yes, ive used stuff like ginger and garcinia cambogia and ive lost weight, im not sure if its the metformin making me lose weight or the other stuff, i think i might have thyroid issues that wont show up on tests which is why i use the other stuff, im prediabetic so im trying to lose weight cause of it

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