• I have teens and found some mystery pills, type pill identification on the internet, I found a couple of easy, useful sites that can pretty much identify any manufactured pill and tell you all about it. good Luck!
  • ick. i have the same problem. have you found the answer elsewhere?
  • Haloperidol 100mg White or light yellow in color. Used as a powerful anti-psychotic drug. History: Haloperidol is a conventional, or typical, butyrophenone antipsychotic drug. It was developed in 1957 by the Belgian company Janssen Pharmaceutica and submitted to first clinical trials in Belgium in the same year. After being rejected by U.S. company Searle due to side effects, it was later marketed in the U.S. by McNeil Laboratories.
  • it has R 1 on it....small, white, oblong??

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