• Hopefully. I was for Obama, but my hopes aren't so high as to think he's a miracle worker. Best thing for US children is US parents. That's what produced world leaders here once upon a time. We need to keep slowing the rate of unwanted children and we'll have better prepared parents raising them. Not to mention fewer leaching off of the rest of us.
  • WTF? Whatever does belief in either a theory or a fantasy have to do with your "question"? In case you expect Obama to "improve" our pathetic government school system, you might first want to ask yourself why pouring more taxpayer cash yields poorer academic achievement. The system needs desperately to get back to basics or needs to be abandoned! Government schools -- particularly the radicalized schools Obama and his buddies in ACORN made famous in Chicago -- need to be destroyed before they destroy the future of America. The effete elite have NO CLUE! The same can be said of most government-conditioned parents.
  • Unfortunately (perhaps), education is a state or city matter and the Federal government, let alone the President, can do little about it. Just mandating a few standard tests does not, unfortunately, make education better. And it is not money that makes good education: there is little correlation between expenditure on education and the quality thereof. It is good teachers who make good education. Sadly for someone who generally supports unions, I think that in many cases the teachers unions have got too strong a hold on many education systems, to the point where grossly inadequate teachers cannot be fired and highly necessary changes (which discomfort a few people) cannot be made. And even a few bad teachers pull down the whole system by setting the bar of achievement so low that those potentially able do not try, and by setting a low standard of acceptable behaviour on school. Sadly, as a Democrat with strong connections with the unions, I don't think Obama is going to support actions that will clean out the tiny percentage of poor teachers who pull the whole system down. And even if he did, ten thousand school boards across the country would have to fight their own battles.
  • You have only to look at the threads on here to see that America is currently in the grip of superstition and irrationality. How different from the traditional view of Americans - hard-bitten, independent, pragmatic. I think it will take a very long time for America to reclaim itself, but I really hope that Obama will be able to start the process.
  • 7-7-2017 Please explain what any part of your question has to do with any other part.

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