• I not sure how to answer this but I am really love to see bukkake type porn. Perhaps the act of cumming in front of women and the slutty nature of the women who received the cum is very appealing to me (which makes me horny by thinking of it). In fact I do fantasize of having my wife being the slut bukkake girl by letting 20 men cum all over her body and I'm the last to cum in her mouth.
  • I have to agree, it's a huge turn on. I love the look of the girls face completely covered. The video's I have seen have had more than 20 men, most are in the order of 50 or so guys, so it looks really nice. And yes, I wish my wife was on the recieving end of it.
  • I participated in a Bukkake for my BF. He loved how I looked and said that I never looked more beautiful. I felt that the men were really into it and thought I was very sexy and beautiful. I felt that them cumming on me was confirmation of it. My bF took photos of me after, I was covered from head to toe. The shots are still sexy when I look at them
  • Dont know its hard to say way but its almost like seeing a women who is comfortable with herself to have cum all over her face and not be disgusted about it is a major turn on in its self
  • I think it is a difference between being part of real bukkake or porn. I don't like the movies with almost rude treated ladies covered with gallons of "sperm".
  • I like being the center of attention!

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