• This answer may be a lil tricky: Simple, if you remember initially in your relationship how blissful everything was? Each of you gave full attention to one another. Now, in short time (months, few years) the ether begins to wear off. Here's what's happening: 1. It sounds like you were more emotionally involved than he. So, this means you acted out of LOVE more than physical 2. it sounds like HE was not as emotionally involed,yet more physical. 3. HE "rooted" the relationship in the physical, of which the physical is always short lived, in comparison to the emotion that is Powerful and lasting. 4. So, with HE acting more from the physical, of which is short lived, and by he acting more aloof and distant, this means that YOU have fallen out of favor for him, (physically) 5. Now, part of him wants to venture out, yet he does care for you. Not want to upset things nor create drama, he goes into an ALOOF state. Like soaring above it all 6. Next, the moment you have to ask yourself IF you love someone, is like asking a fish out of water if their still swimming? hope this helps...I'm always at everyones service Chris

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