• Now thats a good question. The answer is. It depends. Collectables depend on supply and demand. Used to be that comics were limited in there run, and any unsold issues had the covers ripped off and the books were burned or buried as write offs. Kids used to share their comics and swap them. you always had an issue rolled up in your back pocket for reading and trading. So comics made prior to 1980 are harder to come by and MINT condition mags are very rare. During the 80's comics grew up and started to be concidered an art form. Fancy paper, better inks, better writers and artists. And they were not returnable. If a retailer orderd too many, they lost their shirt. they also startewd reprinting popular issues if they sold out too fast. It really cut back the collectors market. Now days it's leveled out. but the best books are reprinted in bound collections. This keeps a lid on the value going up on new books. If you by a Golden age(pre-1960) or silver age pre-1980) comic in excellent condition, you can count on it increasing 5-10% a year, but the value isn't what you get when you sell it. Finding a buyer can be tough and about 50% of guide value is what you'll get from retailers. I hope that helps

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