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  • Ask yourself if this really is what you want to keep on doing. What does it give you? Why would you want to continue with this? This person should find a way to make him/herself happy. It's not up to you, it's the responsibility of this person. I think you better start to protect yourself, because now it seems to me that you are getting completely drained with no positive outcome. Of course sometimes people really need help and it's a very good thing to give. But if it doesn't help, and this person doesn't do anything good for him/herself with it, then what's the point? If someone doesn't want to grow then it will not happen and you are throwing precious energy in a bottomless pit.
  • Move on!!
  • That person is sick person ,both mentally and physically! Remove such person from your life,even if you've submitted yourself to that person!!Least damage is far better than the permanent one!!
  • Give up ha!!
  • Begin to realize there is NEVER anything people do that MAKE others happy. People DECIDE to be happy or unhappy. We often (erroneously) use the action of someone else to justify how we feel, crediting that person with mystical powers over our emotions. No one has any power over us other than what we ALLOW them to have. So, you can give until your arms fall off, it wouldn't make a difference. If the receiver doesn't want to be happy... ...he won't be happy.
  • stop giving them everything. if they dont appreciate what you do for them. then there not even worth your time and effort.
  • Give to yourself and others who appreciate your giving.
  • anti-depression pills
  • Happiness comes from within and we have no power to "make" others happy.
  • The boot!
  • Change position
  • evidently you think you need to make this person happy but you can't. maybe they just like the attention, maybe this person is just spoiled, maybe this person is using you, or maybe YOU need to feel like YOU have to be the one to SAVE this person because YOU need to be happy. look in yourself and and learn that YOU are not perfect and give yourself some room to grow. Pray about it.
  • Give up and make yourself happy
  • I'd stop giving. I can't say that's a good solution but that's the effect it would have on me.
  • Do only what makes you feel good and focus on what makes you happy. People like that just suck the kindness outta you, usually because they are self-centered, or they are feeling inadequate. They make you feel like you are the reason for their unhappiness, when the problem is really them. It would be more appropriate for them to take responsibility for their actions/feelings/behavior, that hasn't happened yet, and probably never will. Focus on what is important... YOU. You sound like a selfless person, and all you are doing is giving, and getting very little in return.
  • seeing that they are miserable people to start with, there is only so much a person can give before they start becoming selfish and close themselves off to giving. Personally, if it happenened to me....I would tell them I cannot give you anything else. You have taken everything and are still the same miserable person. I'd tell them that they need the help of a doctor.
  • change your partner, compatability is very important in a relationship
  • Give them a taste of their own medicine. Most likely they are a needy person and needs someone to show them they dont have to be. the best way for them to know this is to show them how they are acting...worth a try
  • In my opinion its some kind of madness that people suffer. that can be the person's personality or else the person is too bad. give more than before and make him seek something back when he don't have that much from anyone else. so that he can realize it some day and he will be happy with you.
  • Stop jumping through hoops. They can get happy, or not, all by themselves.
  • Leave them. If you try to please everybody, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye.
  • I did and ended up divorcing both of them. I feel better off now being alone than I ever was married!
  • Accept the fact that some people, no matter how charming they seem, are bottomless pits of need and greed. If they can't realise for themselves that they are responsible for their own happiness through their attitude towards life, there is no need for you to be a martyr to their ignorance. Tell them that you are no longer going to try to make them happy, but you will help them make themselves happy. And leave it at that. You will actually be doing them a favour in the long run.
  • While it is certianly nicer to give to those that appreciates it I give mostly because that is what I want to do. I control what and to whom to give; how or if it is received is up to them. That being said any future action or lack of on my part will most be likely impacted by past events. Clear as mud?
  • Happiness is a state of mind and if someone really is trying to please the other and if he does not feel satisfied then there is something wrong with that guy.Either you have to make him understand what you have done is for his happiness or leave the person to his own devices.It is better not to force your goodness on him.Let him live in his own state.Maybe something better will come up for you.In this material world we expect response from the other person and if we do not get it then we too become unhappy. But,If you are the giver only and a spiritual one then I would suggest never have any expectations at all. It will always be lop sided.
  • Instead of feeling helpless ry to spend some more time with them give your everything to them Do whatever they say or want My personal thinking is that such people are too good and once they are happy with you then you are on the top of the world :)

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