• try and make your own
  • I'm not sure most stores would carry them, but you can just google "hollow book" or "book hidden compartment" or something to get one online. Or you can make one yourself, if you just want it to be hollow, not necessarily locking.
  • They have them at Michael's (a craft store). I have one of my own actually. ;)
  • making your own is really fun and easy! Try this tutorial.
  • You don't. You actually make it yourself. Also it's sot any safer as books have value too. You're far better getting a "false socket vault" instead.
  • Go to your nearest Goodwill or used bookstore, by a thick hardback, create a cardboard template of the desired size and shape then -using an xacto knife- cut out a rectangular section from the middle and... TaDa! You've made a hollowed-out book. Why spend more money on something that you can make for less?

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