• Usually a good friend or a trustworthy 17 yr. old. Or I just drink when they're sleeping!
  • Drugs and alcohol have the power to make people forget their parental responsibilities. It is indeed sad that people who could not get over their addictions choose to become parents. Or cultivate the habit after becoming parents. The net result is that the children grow up with a skewed outlook of the world.
  • Well I don't have kids or do drugs but I know many who do and their kids are usually placed in front of the television or in the company of siblings and left to look after each other.
  • ....Exactly. =)
  • Sorry sweet charm my gun is out of points for you. I like this question so I'll catch up later.
  • Some self-righteous ABers pass out on the couch, leaving the booze to the kids to finish up
  • No one or you do, my mom did not raise me, it was pretty unpleasent and violent, you know no one to protect you. What happens to baby birds when their mother dies?
  • That's what "you" time is called...when they're sleeping. Just can't get so sloshed that you couldn't help them in an emergency.
  • I'm the kid of parents who drink, and nobody ever did look after me.
  • When you're drunk or stoned, you really don't GIVE a rat's ass who is looking after your children!
  • im sorry but if your still getting drunk and stoned when you have children... maybe you should rethink having children. leave that to your college years or your young years. its ok to have a drink or 2 but if your still getting sh*tfaced then something is seriously wrong... just my opinion
  • I don't think that getting drunk and stoned belong in the same catagory.....getting drunk and doing hard drugs is, of course, not good. But if you are referring to getting "stoned" as in smoking marijuana and throwing that in with alcohol and drugs then you must have been brainwashed by propaganda like "Reefer Madness". Anyone who has hung out with responsible pot smokers know that smoking a little pot makes one a much better parent...more calm and understanding, more interested in playing and helping their kids, more creative and able to relate to their kids. Peronally, I am scared to have anything illegal in my house because I don't ever want to jepordize the well-being of my children...but I do think it is SICK that pot is illegal. And when it is finally legalized, parenting will get a whole lot better and a whole lot easier.
  • Most likely For me it would be a caretaker or a good friend.
  • I drink about once a week. My son is at his father's house that day or weekend. I would never get a babysitter to look after my child just so I can go out and get all pissed up. When I do, I make sure my child is well taken care of so I don't have to worry about him all night and I can relax and have fun with my friends.
  • Here in Wisconsin, the parents bring their children to the tavern.
  • I bring them for a DD....

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