• I think it dilutes the intimacy, its not truthful, its chaotic to the feelings and generally a bad idea.
  • As long as they're all aware of it and your not sleeping with all of them i see nothing wrong with it, if your looking for that right person or just want to have fun
  • I don't like doing it. First, I don't think it's fair to whoever is involved. Secondly, and most's too expensive.:)
  • Never tried it,I see the logic in it though everyone schedule is so difficult nowadays.
  • I dont think it is good, I think one person at a time is enough, if you like them, you dont need another person, if you dont like them, move on to the next person. To me it is just playing games.
  • When you are dating, you did say dating, I assume you are free to go out with whomever you choose. It is before commitment and you are not beholden to anyone. However, once I am having sex with someone, that is the end of multiple dating :).
  • really its more trouble than its worth. juggling aint easy. if its very early on in the relationships, i dont see any problem with it, as long everyone honest about dating other people. but out of respect for the people youre dating, i think you should make a decision as quickly as possible about whether or not they are the right match for you. i wouldnt lead them on and play with their heartstrings. that will only lead to heartache. and you might feel like a schmuck, especially if youve gotten really intimate with them. my recommendation is that you stop seeing other people once you get intimate with someone. if youre really into that person theyre all you need~ youre not even interested in anyone else!
  • What do I think? I think is insane. You would need to split yourself emotionally into multiple personalities to deal with each one of those individuals. It's an emotional burden that can't be sustained for long without the peril of at some point hurting yourself. It is inherently impossible to get [emotinally] involved with several people at the same time and mantain the same level of emotional intensity with each individual. But if the "dating" does not involved emotion, what exactly then drives you to date several people at the same time? Is it there a logical point in it?
  • I wonder how well they know each one. It is all about roots and getting to really know whom you date. Just because you speed date, doesn't mean that you should make a lifestyle out of it.
  • I wouldn't but I guess it's up to the people that are dating :)
  • Love is not a finite resource. If you can pull it the balancing act of meeting everybody's needs then go for it. Of course, if you start neglecting anyone then you've overextended yourself. Dial it back a notch.
  • well not at once.i think you should go out with them separately (smile)...
  • uhmmm not healthy lol
  • 'Dating' refering to an understanding between two people of a mutually exclusive relationship? or 'Dating' refering to two people not in a mutually exclusive relationship going out together and having fun? or 'Dating' refering to two people on a one night stand? The term can have different meanings, depending on the context it's used. Obviously, in a mutually exclusive relationship, dating others is a no-no. However, there was a time in my life where I simply dated women just to go out and have fun. No other expectations beyond that. Beach, shopping, dinner, movie, hiking, fishing, whatever. And then there are the people who only do the one night stand thing with no one person in a long term relationship. So my opinion is it's OK if there is no expectation of a mutually exclusive relationship with anyone involved.
  • I don't typically do it, and wouldn't like it if it happened to me, so not very highly.
  • As long as they all know about it, and you don't tell one their your one and only, it's all good.
  • hmmmmmm, tricky very tricky. As long as you arent exclusive to anyone it's not a problem. However, if you are dating multiple people while you are exclusive to someone then that might be a bit of trouble.
  • If you are honest about it and your partners agree then go for it. But if your not comfortable doing it and no one else knows then don't.
  • I see nothing wrong with it in principle. In reality, probably a recipe for dissaster.
  • Don't ask, don't tell.
  • I think my wife might have something to say on the matter...
  • I think it is fine as long as you are not haveing sexual contact with all of them and if they know of eachother. Unless you are searching for the right person like me; i am dating a couple of guys but both of them are not to seious at the moment and through dating them i am planning to let one go
  • I use to do it before I met my fiance. Other people didn't like it and called me a slut.
  • Why not, that's what dating is all about. To get out there and meet meet meet. When you meet the right person, then dating is not such a great idea. However, dating means just that, try not to sleep around so much because then it becomes sleazy.
  • Dating is one thing, as long as your not exclusive with one of them and cheating I think its completely fine, but having sex with multiple people can be like playing russian roulette with your genitals. Not for me

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