• When you take a hammer and you hammer it in.. =D
  • Lol. I thought it was when you did it anally and really roughly??
  • this is the pile driver step1Have the receiving partner lay down on his or her back. The floor is probably the most convenient place for this because a bed will have too much give to provide sufficient leverage for the receiving partner to be held up. Make sure the floor is soft enough and add some extra padding if necessary. Step2The receiving partner should keep both arms at his or her sides, resting palms down at a 15-degree angle. Gently lift your partner's legs feet first while providing support through the rump. With the legs raised, grasp your partner's hips and rest his or her butt onto your forearms. Step3Penetrate for the pile driver as you would in the missionary position, with the penetrating partner standing between the legs of the receiving partner. The motion of the penetrating partner is a standard thrust, generated from the hips and buttocks. Step4Add variation. Once you've perfected standard penetration, switch to a different angle. While supporting the receiving partner's buttocks, move one leg slightly toward the receiver's face while moving the other leg away. Step one leg between the receiver's legs so that you are now facing perpendicular directions. Your legs will look like two perpendicular V's fitting inside one another. Use more of a scooping action, first bending at the knees and then scooping up with the hips.

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