• No, I hate birds. My mom has a homicidal parrot that doesn't help my hatred much.
  • I'd rather not, birds are meant to fly. And even though they can live a healthy life with clipped wings, I'm guessing whatever constitutes as "happy" for birds isn't experienced fully by birds in captivity which otherwise occupy the skies and trees. That, and they wake you up like at six in the morning and won't shut up lol.
  • Probably not. I like to hold, pet and cuddle my animals. I had a parakeet as a child, and he had a 60 word vocabulary. He was fun, entertaining and I loved him. But I don't care to be cleaning out the bottom of bird cages when I can send the dog outdoors and get a lot more affection in return.
  • I had birds as pets while growing up and I didn't like it. I love to be able to hug/play catch/roll on the floor with my pet and I can't do that with a bird. I prefer dogs.
  • Never...too dam loud
  • We had a parakeet when I was a child. It was very talkative and did a number of tricks on command. Since that time, however, I have been disinclined to keep a bird. I much prefer dogs and cats. ;-)
  • No,Birds are meant to fly. I dont like to keep them in cages or clip their wings.
  • Yes. I wish to have a parrot, if at all.
  • yip...Ive actually got two ducks and alot of pigeons.
  • I'm not a big fan of birds. They're loud, dirty and they'll peck your eyes out!
  • Yes, I would and I have. I have had small birds like finches and canaries and all the way up to cockatoos and macaws. We used to breed parrots of all sizes. We've even had pet chickens, geese and ducks, as well as an owl and a hawk we rehabilitated.
  • I had one as a kid.
  • No, never. Unless it would fly in freedom and just wants to hang out with me for food and company. But in a cage, no. A bird should be able to fly in freedom.
  • Yep. Got one. A Fitch of some kind. Actually, it is my oldest daughter's pet (she's nine, eight when she got it). Never really thought of having one as a pet. But my daughter's teacher last year has pet birds and when she had some hatch, she made an offer to her class: anyone who wanted one had to get a permission slip signed from their parents saying it was OK to be in a contest (drawing) for one of them and that, if they won the drawing they had to show they had all the necessary stuff to properly care for their new pet...cage; food/water dishes; food; treats; miscellaneous stuff for the cage like one of those nest thingies, and plenty of stuff to play with; and that stuff you put in the bottom of the cage. Plus, they had to learn about the bird and how to properly care for it. And then they had to pick up the bird in it's new cage if they won. The teacher would not allow someone to adopt one of the birds without being able to properly care for it. My daughter loves her bird and takes good care of it.
  • I have in the past! but, I have 3 cats now it wouldnt be very wise!!!
  • of course,birds add a new life to home i have kept 2 parrots and one american sparrow..........
  • I had 2 birds most my life, they both died last year. The girl one died first, the male died about a month later...He was totally depressed, plucked all his feathers out. R.I.P Cooko & Cathy
  • No. I put out bird feeders in the winter for the wild birds, but no... I wouldn't have a bird for a pet. They make too big a mess!
  • we had a budgie for a while, in a cage as a pet, in fact a couple of them, I have friends who have budgies, in cages and avaries, My dad always had birds, canaries, pigeons........ chickens.....
  • Yes i would but not in a small cage. I used to breed peach faced lovebirds and used to keep them in a flight out in the garden, I also had an african grey parrot who had the run of the house!
  • I have a dove.
  • Growing up on a farm I had pet chickens. I would like to have chickens again someday-for the eggs. We had a Nanday Conure one time and that F***** drove me nuts! It did nothing but sqwuak very loudly all day long and it was a biter too. We ended up getting rid of it. I would get a bird again but it'd have to be a song bird and not a sqwuaker!
  • I have a Quaker Parrot, and 2 Cockatiels I love em :) and they arnt too noisy. My dogs are louder than all of em put together..:)
  • nope. i cant stand birds
  • My brother had a love bird. It was the sweetest thing. Just remember to keep their wings clipped to keep them from flying around when they're in their cage. My brother didn't and it ended up injuring itself and died :(

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