• make sure all the vents are clean and keep away from direct sunlight.Also you could put another small fan blowing on the tower.
  • -Use Speedfan software to control CPU fan -Use ProcessTamer software to avoid 100% CPU usage -Increase airflow within the case by Opening the case Installing a CPU heatsink with fan Installing a Power Supply Unit with horizontal fan
  • There may be a buildup of dust on the CPU heat sink, below the fan. Even a thin layer of dust can cost you several degrees. Use a blower (I have a "Metrovac"). If everything looks clean, fan spinning properly, you might try removing the heat sink and resealing the CPU with new paste, such as Arctic Ceramique. Citrus cleaner will remove the hardened old paste, wipe all the residue off thoroughly, and put the new paste on by making an "X" plus a line across. Don't be stingy, but don't go overboard either with the paste; it spreads across when you tighten down the heat sink. If that still doesn't help (and you're not in a 100 degree room) check for bulging capacitors on the motherboard - they will eventually lead to instability.
  • Get a cooling pad from the dollar store, guess how much it is?

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