• As a bald man I beleive I can speak on this. I personally am not an ego freak and worried about every little item in my life to be perfect. As being bald we display a sense of confidence in ourselves and take things in stride and work with what we have and do not seek to over compensate for hair loss. Actually I do not have a bald head that is a solar panel collector for a sex machine. Mr Bil
  • An attractive man is not determined by how much hair he has. It is his entire make up. His health, self-confidence, generosity, smile, sense of humor, personal hygiene, etc. I have met a lot of men with a full head of hair who were instantly turn-offs with self-centeredness, poor hygiene, cruel actions, etc. Many women find a bald head a very sexy part of a man. Warm skin is a very sexy thing!
  • I dont really have a problem. I think alot of it probably has to do with I am not worried about being bald. But I am sure there are shallow girls out there I just dont give them the time of the day. I am confident in myself
  • I hate the bald look! I love hair on a man's head. I love to feel and run my fingers through a man's hair.
  • Hair doesn't cause attraction. It's the person underneath, the person of the heart. Who cares if they have hair or not as long as they are a good person and you are attracted to them.
  • probably cause the woman is more interested in the guy instead of the hair on his head

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