• Chunky silver - but then I wear chunky silver with everything. Coral or red could be a pleasing juicy flash of colour too though, even purple can be unexpected and fun.
  • brown would be pretty. Eggplant Purple would look outstanding or sliver or gold.
  • If you take my choice, I would personally prefer an elegantly designed Peridot jewelry. To be more specific I would opt for an elite Peridot necklace and an equally beautiful peridot bracelet.
  • well, first off, I"d never wear olive green, but that's another story!!!!!!!!!!! Most important thing to consider; do you have a 'warm'skintone? if you do, then olive green would look great on you.......if you have a 'cool' skintone, it'd be the kiss of death for you to wear olive green!!! so assuming you can wear olive green, that is, you have the skintone for it, peridot would be good, or a stone with some light yellow to it...but PLEASE: NO red stones!!! (Christmas, anyone???) and purple? what were they thinking???

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