• I'm guessing it's about 95%.
  • over 50 percent
  • According to this article round about 20% of US citizens own a passport, so the percentage must be fairly low. In fairness, the USA is a very large and diverse country.
  • I wonder is this the same for the number of Europeans who have never left Europe
  • I am one of them, but I have been from sea to sea. I'm still young and plan on traveling outside the USA at some point.
  • here is link saying 25 million americans will travel outside the US this year. we have a population of 305 million, so that means over 8% of the population will travel outside the US, just this year. of course that is just for pleasure, there are also business travelers and those in the military personnel most americans i know would like to travel more but cost is prohibitive
  • I don't know the answer to that question, but I could almost qualify as one of them. Except for one quick visit to Windsor, Canada (via the Detroit River tunnel) and one trip to Tijuana, another to Rosarita Beach in Mexico, I've never left America. One visit to Hawaii, so I did fly across the Pacific Ocean to the Islands. That's it! :)
  • Apparently, 75% of Americans don't own a passport.
  • I dont know how many have never left the USA before. I am one who never has. I have been in Arizona where I could see into Mexico but have never actually set foot anywhere outside the US

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