• i dont know because it depends on the guy. but i would give him hugs when he leasts expects them
  • random oral sex
  • write him a sweet love note and leave it where he can find it later on
  • How about hot bubble baths, dinner and a movie of his choice, couples massage, write a cute love letter and put on his steering wheel or some place he always notices, a phone call just to say "I love you, and miss you..." stuff like that works wonders. Of course house keeping and cooking usually make men happy too, but if that isn't your thing then no sense forcing it to much.
  • When you know he is having a trying day ask him to call you when he leaves from work. Have him a nice hot bath drawn with candles and his favorite music playing. Serve him a cold beverage of his choice while he is submerged in the tub and just sit there.. ask him about his day in a very subtle voice.. then just listen. BTW, you can do this even if the day has been good and you just want some face time.
  • Clean his wallet out for him.
  • Well, with those restrictions, you've got me beat!! : )
  • Show him how much you care about him every day, do things for him like watch a football match or go out with him, go for a walk with him, give him a cuddle while he is watching tv
  • never take him for granted and tell him you love him each and every day. Also a massage does wonders for us dudes.
  • It's most important to know his likes. Some of the comments aren't quite appropriate for every man. My bf would hate to watch a football game, and certainly wouldn't cheer him up. But, if he came home from work one day and I offered a hot bath, a cold beer, a steak dinner, and a Battlestar Galactica marathon for the evening he'd be more than happy for a week or so. Just do what he likes, and if you don't yet know because you aren't at that stage, find out if you can. Guys often get girls gifts randomly, but I imagine guys enjoy them too- as long as it's something he likes. If your guy is a dork like mine, getting him some weird nostalgic thing from his childhood would cheer him up endlessly. And even if you can't cook, you could always hire a personal chef for the evening (if you're feeling very spendy and special) or even just order in food or something. Even if cooking isn't your thing, most people still adore good food after a crappy day.
  • Just say the word "i love you" and meant it from the heart.
  • give him a back rub
  • Dance with him.

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